Offroad: Extreme Drive

  • AlphaPlayStudio
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  • Verze1.1
  • Přidáno2015-03-16
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Feel the charm of powerful management jeep! Become a master of the road with the game Offroad: Extreme Drive! You have to prove you're fidelity driver jeep. Follow burnout! Manage jeep chopper with a convenient intuitive fidelity control. Tap on the gas and brake pedals, shifter, steering wheels, as the chopper road. You can do it with the jeep! To become a winner of the game Offroad: Extreme Drive, you need to go through the whole track - roads, city, dirt. Do not forget to collect the bonuses.

If you do not doubt in his abilities, downloadable game Offroad: Extreme Drive and start the first level without burnout. With each level, the route becomes more difficult. Complete all five levels on the jeep and you're a winner. If the first attempt failed, try to play again.

Wheelbarrow already waiting for you, jump behind the wheel and start playing!

- Intuitive control of the vehicle;
- Beautiful 3D graphics;
- Realistic car physics;
- 5 levels with increased complexity;
- Choice of route;
- Free to play!


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