Skateboard Rush

  • Polyester Games
  • Závody
  • Stáhnout


Skateboard Rush is a fun, free street skateboarding game where you race your skater through the urban city streets. Sk8 and Ollie over street obstacles, ollie cars, skate under obstacles and collect as many coins as you can, improving your skater skills. Collecting coins you can improve your skater skills by purchasing power-ups to make your skateboarding dreams come true.

The power-ups allow your skater to launch bombs at obstacles in you way, become invincible and even allow time to slow down giving your skater an advantage.

- Speed Up, Jump and slow down to avoid vehicles
- Great 3D graphics
- Skate and unlock power ups such as bombs, time effects and invincibility
- Perform tricks and avoid cars and trucks as they drive through the city

Skateboard Rush brings all the fun of skateboarding games to your mobile device allowing you to sk8 your board through endless city streets and urban decay. Jump on your board, learn new moves and improve your freestyle skate skills!

Download Skateboard Rush now!


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